Best Medicare Supplement Plan

How to tell for yourself


When looking for the best Medicare Supplement Plan that will fit your needs you should consider a couple things.

  1. Which Medicare Supplement (Medigap) offers the most coverage?
  2. Which plan gives you the coverage you need for the best cost in your area?

The three most popular Medicare Supplement Plans are the Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare Supplement Plan G, and Medicare Supplement Plan N. Below are the differences between them.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan F – Covers everything that Medicare doesn’t. (Part A and B coinsurances and deductibles, and Part B excess charges. For the most part you should not have any out of pocket costs if you have the Medigap Plan F as long as your services are “Medicare Covered Services”.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan G – The Plan G Medicare Supplement covers everything that the Plan F does except the annual Medicare Part B deductible. This deductible is $166 for 2016. After this there are no out of pocket expenses.

  • Medicare Supplement Plan N – The Plan N covers everything that the Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G do except for the annual Medicare Part B deductible, $0 to $20 copay per doctor visit, $0 to $50 copay per ER visit, and Medicare Part B excess charges. Then there are no out of pocket expenses.

Now that you know the differences between the plans you can calculate which Medicare Supplement Plan would be best. Typically people would think the Plan F is best because it covers the most. This is not always true because if the Medicare Supplement Plan G premiums are $166 per year less than the Medicare Supplement Plan F premiums then the Plan G would be better. This is the case in most states so beware of anyone that may tell you the Plan F is the best. The Plan N can also be the best in some states because some don’t allow providers to charge excess charges. If someone chooses the Plan N it is because it is typically much less in monthly premiums so for some it might be best to choose the Plan N if it better fits their financial situation.

How to get help choosing?

At Medicare Saving Solutions we will help you choose the best Medicare Supplement Plan for your specific needs. Our services are completely free and we are not biased toward any plan or company. We offer all of the top plans and like to show you all the options to make sure you get the best Medicare Supplement Plan for you. To get this free help please call 1-800-663-5707 or click the “GET FREE HELP” button below and fill out the contact form.



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