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    Whether you simply need basic questions answered about Medicare or the plan options available or you need in-depth help choosing the plan that best fits your needs, we are here to help!

    This assistance is provided to you at absolutely no charge and we stay completely unbiased. It is highly important to us to make you feel comfortable with the conversation you have with us. We believe “what comes around, goes around”, meaning that we don’t mind helping someone that may not end up needing to use our services to choose a plan or change plans because if we provide you with a great experience regardless, you may spread the word or contact us in the future.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider us!

    • positive review They young man Ryan was very helpful went over everything I needed to no about each plan ,I felt that I was in good hands.I recommend the great saving and great options.

      Patricia W. Avatar
      Patricia W.

      positive review A quick over view of different obsions for my plans. Saving me on costs. Mr. Rayon was understanding to my plans, communication very clear. Thank you.

      Gwendolyn C. Avatar
      Gwendolyn C.

      positive review Very consistent in calling me and informed

      Patricia M. Avatar
      Patricia M.

      positive review They are very helpful, useful and practical answers to complicated Medicare plans.
      They help you every step of the way.
      Excellent service and friendly.

      Ricardo A. Avatar
      Ricardo A.
    • Looking for Medicare solution for your parents or yourself? This is the place. Devon West made it easy. Knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, patient, super helpful. Thank you!

      Rocket J. Avatar
      Rocket J.

      positive review Very helpful, and was able to fix the issue I had.

      Jorge A. Avatar
      Jorge A.

      positive review very informative and help me understand the way it works I'm very grateful very professional thank you

      Martin N. Avatar
      Martin N.

      positive review very helpful and friendly, I was impressed.

      Cornelia G. Avatar
      Cornelia G.
    • She was very helpful, even though I was not purchasing anything now. She made sure that I had good information, for now and for when I actually retire.

      Bonnie S. Avatar
      Bonnie S.

      Denise was very professional and helped me tremendously. Dont know what i would hav done without her. Great person thanks a million..

      Jay M. Avatar
      Jay M.

      positive review thorough and extremely helpful.

      Sue B. Avatar
      Sue B.

      positive review Devon was very helpful, and he got me all set up with insurance.

      Kathy F. Avatar
      Kathy F.
    • positive review I recommend Medicare Saving Solutions. The agent I spoke with Ryan help me to understand the medicare program and took away that anxiousness I had dreaded. Thanks so much

      Jeffery E. Avatar
      Jeffery E.

      positive review he is very nice and has patience dealing with me and very respectful

      Goldenia M. Avatar
      Goldenia M.

      positive review I'm glad I called MSS for help. He explained everything I needed to know. If you are close to being 65 years of age I would recommend you to give them a call.

      Craig F. Avatar
      Craig F.

      positive review Ryan was really helpful I highly recommend talking to there team.

      John D. Avatar
      John D.
    • takes time to explain and understand medicare great

      Nora R. Avatar
      Nora R.

      positive review very good patient and gave alot of information

      Tammy T. Avatar
      Tammy T.

      positive review They are very eager to help you

      Michael C. Avatar
      Michael C.

      positive review The lady I spoke with Dennis took the time to explain what would be best for my future on Medicare, not an easy subject to understand. Thanks again.

      William V. Avatar
      William V.
    • positive review I was confused about Medicare and what to do. Devon West was very helpful to me. He answer my questions to the best of his nourised.Thank you Devon for helping me to understand and now I know what to do.

      Rochelle D. Avatar
      Rochelle D.

      positive review Ryan talks about what I need. He understand what I want and need out of my plan. He take care of his people.

      Sando M. Avatar
      Sando M.

      positive review Had a great experience Ryan was very good and informative.thank you

      Kevin D. Avatar
      Kevin D.

      Denise was very patience and took time to fully explain any questions I asked. She was very helpful and made the entire experience so much easier for me. I highly recommend them.

      Nathan K. Avatar
      Nathan K.
    • positive review Ryan did a great job explaining every option that would fit my needs. His commitment and do diligence was outstanding.

      Tom B. Avatar
      Tom B.

      positive review The benefits and savings for me. Very good customer care.

      Remigia E. Avatar
      Remigia E.

      positive review This was an awesome transition with everything explained in detail. I highly recommend Medicare Saving Solutions. I am confident that the right Medicare choices have been made by myself with the help of agent Devon West.

      Joyce B. Avatar
      Joyce B.

      positive review The associate was very informative

      Steve '. Avatar
      Steve '.
    • positive review Mr.Devon West was very polite,patience made sure we understood everything answered all our questions gave us info we did not even know.. He was a pleasure to talk to glad he's my agent...I feel he helped me make the right decision.. It was a Awesome experience..
      Thank you.. Jean Konchinsky

      Jean K. Avatar
      Jean K.

      positive review I had several questions about initiating Medicare. Ryan B. was very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions without hesitation. I appreciate his professional demeanor and am confident I received the correct information. He encouraged me to call again if I needed assistance again.

      Julita W. Avatar
      Julita W.

      positive review Our Broker, Denise Chan took the time to teach us and review our Employer's Healthcare Plan versus other optional A and B Medicare Plans available. Denise was very thorough in her explanations and was not pushy, but available to help and flexible to meet our needs.

      Adolfo P. Avatar
      Adolfo P.

      positive review Mr Deon West help me to see a lot of things that I didn't understand and he showed me step-by-step what to do and I thank him for it I couldn't figure out a lot of stuff but I sure understand it now thank you

      Alice C. Avatar
      Alice C.
    • positive review Had a great experience with Devon in completing our healthcare program. Paul Audet

      Paul A. Avatar
      Paul A.

      positive review Timely response and complete satisfaction with the assistance in a very stressful time.

      Robben J. Avatar
      Robben J.

      positive review I feel so much better getting this done. Ryan was awesome and made everything seem simple.He was awesome! I will recommend Medicare Saving Solutions to all of my friends.
      Thanks so much,
      Martha Maxwell

      Martha E. Avatar
      Martha E.

      positive review The information they provided and will provide for medicare recipients

      Pablo G. Avatar
      Pablo G.
    • positive review Very good suggestion , thanks for that really I appreciated

      Kamal S. Avatar
      Kamal S.

      My experience with agent, Denise was terrific. She was helpful and knowledgeable. She was patient with all my questions. I got lucky she was assigned to help me. Thank you!

      Larry M. Avatar
      Larry M.

      positive review very professional and knowledgeable on all my questions. The representative made sure all my questions were answered before ending my call. I will highly recommend this company to all my friends that has any questions concerning Medicare.

      Mike H. Avatar
      Mike H.

      Devon has been helping me for the last 4 years at least with my Insurance needs, answering my questions and making any needed changes for me. I can call him and within one business day he gets back to me. Durring that time he devotes the time needed to help me without putting me on hold, or making it feel rushed. I have recommended Devon to family members and they have all been very glad I did - Thanks Devon!

      Mike S. Avatar
      Mike S.
    • positive review I was very pleased how Mr.Ryan work with me on finding the best insurance plan for me based on my needs and upcoming age in August of this year...
      this Ryan
      need more like you...
      you answer my questions, and broke it down so I could understand 👌👌👌

      Joann M. Avatar
      Joann M.

      positive review I recommend Devon West for anyone who may need to obtain or supplement Medicare coverage. He is honest and efficient and looked for the right solution to cover my needs. Thank You Devon for your assistance. Lori Pederson

      Lori P. Avatar
      Lori P.

      positive review He was very informative. I had lots of questions and he gave great advice.

      Dimmit S. Avatar
      Dimmit S.

      positive review Ryan was helpful and very pleasant to talk to, his help was really appreciated , very informative . Thank You Ryan.

      Veronica P. Avatar
      Veronica P.
    • positive review Devon was patient kind and professional.Explaining different options and advantages to each Medicare plan for me.

      Martin A. Avatar
      Martin A.

      Devon was amazing at taking a complicated, tangled, process and making it trouble free and smooth as glass. He is an absolute shining star in his profession. He's done his homework and knows how to get the process done efficiently and flawlessly. I felt very fortunate and confident to have him handling something as important as this issue and my health care needs and coverage for the future. He is also a pleasure to deal with - friendly, understanding, patient and personable. I recommend him and this company very highly....5 STARS!

      Marc P. Avatar
      Marc P.

      positive review I am very happy with Medicare saving solutions. They were fantastic people that really helped me with Medicare. they want out of there way to help me with my problems. Thank you so much for all your help and God bless.

      Gary B. Avatar
      Gary B.

      positive review Devon West was exceptional at looking into what our needs were in getting the right coverage. We so appreciated his knowledge and explanations for us to make the best choices.

      Bernie B. Avatar
      Bernie B.

      Abel S. Avatar
      Abel S.

      positive review extremely helpful & very knowledgeable

      Janet B. Avatar
      Janet B.

      I moved across the country and Denise made this process of finding a new plan for me Super easy. She explained everything very well and is so easy and enjoyable to work with. You would be lucky to work with her.

      Lori J. Avatar
      Lori J.

      positive review devon was very helpful withe the information about medicare

      Linda C. Avatar
      Linda C.
    • positive review Helped me to understand Medicare better and get the best plan for me. Talked to very nice young man named Devon was so nice and helpful.

      Diana H. Avatar
      Diana H.

      positive review Devon west was very helpful, called when he said he would, explained my options and helped me get enrolled. Couldn’t have been easier.

      Rebecca H. Avatar
      Rebecca H.

      positive review friendly, knowledgeable service

      Pamela S. Avatar
      Pamela S.

      positive review There are those who help and those who add to are problems.

      Jake M. Avatar
      Jake M.
    • positive review Devon is the kindest person. I have called him several times within the past year and he has been very helpful, He always has the correct answers even tho I am in a panic. Thanks Devon!!!

      Sandra J. Avatar
      Sandra J.


      Linda N. Avatar
      Linda N.

      positive review Very helpful Quick with the answers sent email with details on how to perform it I think you

      Kerry A. Avatar
      Kerry A.

      Devon was a great help going over my medicare supplemental options. He is very knowledgeable on all the plans. I would highly recommend him if you need help with Medicare & prescription plans!Thanks Devon.Jane Zaputil

      Jane Z. Avatar
      Jane Z.
    • positive review They made it easy to understand made recommendations. Ryan walked me thru coverage.

      Don B. Avatar
      Don B.

      positive review Devon was Very informed and helpful to all of our questions. I had to recommend him.

      Marcella G. Avatar
      Marcella G.

      positive review Ryan was very knowledgeable and efficient. I've already recommended him to friends.

      Sherri H. Avatar
      Sherri H.

      positive review the best thing about them was that they did not pressure me. the gentleman answered all my questions throughly and was quite helpful

      Margaret R. Avatar
      Margaret R.

      Bobby J. Avatar
      Bobby J.

      positive review I had a really awesome experience working with Medicare savings solutions the lady that worked with us Denise was quite enjoyable and comfortable about talking to her about my husband’s medical needs I would recommend this little lady for medical issues when it comes to your Medicare plan she’s just the right person she has information there in front of her before she calls

      Leea A. Avatar
      Leea A.

      positive review very nice and friendly got the job done very helpful

      Yvette O. Avatar
      Yvette O.

      positive review very helpful and friendly

      Alan M. Avatar
      Alan M.

      Linda N. Avatar
      Linda N.

      positive review Good service with a positive attitude. pleasant and engaging to speak with.

      Jerry R. Avatar
      Jerry R.

      positive review Ryan was very helpful, he gave me a great deal of information and explained all the options so I could make a good choice for me. Very patient and professional.

      Ana R. Avatar
      Ana R.

      positive review The agent who took care me, was excellent. He answer all my questions and was very patient. He name is Devon.,

      Dominga P. Avatar
      Dominga P.
    • positive review Hospital stay, dental benefits, medication cost and specialties

      Joseph E. Avatar
      Joseph E.

      positive review very professional and seemed interested in providing advice best for me.Yes I would recommend.

      Joseph V. Avatar
      Joseph V.

      positive review In simple language they help u make a choice u benefit the best from

      C P. Avatar
      C P.

      positive review Devon was helpful and everything was well explained and a very nice person to talk to.

      Nancy C. Avatar
      Nancy C.
    • Yes I was on the ph with a gentleman yesterday he spend a very long lengthy time with me ! He helped me out with my A n B he said I would get my paper work things in the mail soon! His name was Devon West!!

      Sherry Z. Avatar
      Sherry Z.

      positive review Devon was great! He answered questions I didn’t know I had, and gave me the information I needed. Thanks Devon

      James G. Avatar
      James G.

      positive review I recommend Ryan Bachelor as an agent. He was very professional and very helpful in helping me decide which plan is BEST for me!!Go Ryan you're the best...💕😀❤️

      Constance D. Avatar
      Constance D.

      positive review Devon is the best. Responds to emails very quickly. Very knowledgeable. Been working with Devon since we first got onto Medicare. We highly recommend Medicare Saving Solutions.

      Ursula K. Avatar
      Ursula K.
    • made it a breeze & enjoyed visit💞

      Sherie H. Avatar
      Sherie H.

      positive review Omg- Mr Devin West was so very helpful with all this confusion of Medicare as I’m turning 65 in October; This agent was truly a blessing! He was courteous, fair and very knowledgeable in this business and explained what plan is for me, did not try to sell me something I didn’t need. I only wish there were more honest representatives in this field for the seniors; Hats off Mr West and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to working with you in the future if I need to call.

      Brenda Y. Avatar
      Brenda Y.

      Devon was easy to work with, concise and clear with his communication and explanations. It was a pleasure to work with him.

      Peter L. Avatar
      Peter L.

      positive review Devon was patient and explained everything so I understood the complexities of Medicare. Highly recommend them.

      Ken T. Avatar
      Ken T.
    • They are very eager to help you

      Michael C. Avatar
      Michael C.

      positive review you get all information to make a good decision

      Memelo F. Avatar
      Memelo F.

      positive review Very knowlegeable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this services to my friends and relatives without hesitation.

      Dang M. Avatar
      Dang M.

      If you want Medicare to be easy and understanding, contact Devon! He’s been helping people on Medicare for years and is very knowledgeable! He explains all the options and helped my Mom navigate the Medicare changes, along with all her options! We look forward to working with him every year and know he always has our best interest.

      Danny M. Avatar
      Danny M.
    • positive review Devon was awesome. He was so nice to me and he explained everything to me so I could understand him

      Debbie L. Avatar
      Debbie L.

      I am very impressed with Dennis on today looking for a solution to lower my plan from what I have now. Dennis was very knowledgeable regarding what I was looking for with the outcome.

      Adreta A. Avatar
      Adreta A.

      I "found" Devon West on Facebook - quite an unexpected surprise.Such a kind soul, not pushy, very knowledgeable, and SO helpful. Devon spent quite a bit of time with me too, reviewing the overwhelming choices for a Medicare provider, and ultimately suggested a couple to look at. The summary pages he sent me were easy to review and quite helpful in assisting me in making my ultimate choice.I was so impressed with Devon that I shared his contact information with my high-school Facebook group.. a bunch of Medicare ready people!I hope some of them give him a call, I am certain they will be as pleased as I am with his professionalism and good humor.

      Susan B. Avatar
      Susan B.

      Our Broker, Denise Chan took the time to teach us and review our Employer's Healthcare Plan versus other optional A and B Medicare Plans available. Denise was very thorough in her explanations and was not pushy, but available to help and flexible to meet our needs.

      Adolfo P. Avatar
      Adolfo P.
    • positive review The lady that called was very professional and informative. she is very knowledgeable

      Rafael R. Avatar
      Rafael R.

      positive review We have been working with Devon West & Medicare Solutions since 2017. We have been very happy with the Service. Devon is wonderful to work with and very helpful. He explains everything and is easy to understand.
      I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for Medicare advise and programs available.
      Medicare Solutions has been a Very Good Service for my husband and I.
      Janet Norton

      Janet N. Avatar
      Janet N.

      Devon's knowledge and experience shine! I highly recommend that you speak with him when that time arrives ...

      Mamie P. Avatar
      Mamie P.

      positive review devon is very helpful. answered my questions and gave me numbers to call. ty Devon

      Leslie S. Avatar
      Leslie S.
    • positive review Devon was an excellent help to me to make an insurance decision when I needed to change my provider. He gave me opitions and encouraged me to choose what was best for me. I highly recommend him for medicare solutions.

      Caroline Hall

      Caroline H. Avatar
      Caroline H.

      positive review I'm easily confused doing paperwork and really appreciate how they got me thru all of my concerns. otherwise I would have messed up the application

      Tom C. Avatar
      Tom C.

      positive review spoke with ryan, one of their representatives. he was very helpful and knowledgeable. would recommend Medicare saving solutions.

      Manuel R. Avatar
      Manuel R.

      positive review Devon is professional in an easy manner, very helpful and patient. Will recommend to others.

      Linda R. Avatar
      Linda R.
    • positive review Devon was really nice. He explained everything so I could understand what he was saying. I really appreciate his help. He was very helpful

      Sandy C. Avatar
      Sandy C.

      positive review Ryan was very patient with me and answered all of my questions over some days of my calling,he made me very comfortable in whatever I needed to know.So thankful for a good experience Thank you Ryan👍

      Rosie J. Avatar
      Rosie J.

      positive review Ryan was very helpful answering any questions that I might have had Thank you

      Diane L. Avatar
      Diane L.

      i spoke with Denise Chan. She is wonderful. Denise took the time to explain everything and made herself available for follow up questions. She not only is knowledgeable but personable and a pleasure.

      Denise D. Avatar
      Denise D.
    • positive review Ryan was amazing!! He answered my questions to where anyone could understand. Medicare can be complicated, but Ryan made it so simple. Thanks again, Ryan! I appreciate all your help in answering my questions.

      Janet S. Avatar
      Janet S.

      positive review because Ryan Bachelor was very helpful, very professional, and made me feel like trusting him.

      Naza M. Avatar
      Naza M.

      positive review They are friendly and answered all my questions. I was comfortable speaking eith Ryan. Thank you for everything.

      Cindy B. Avatar
      Cindy B.

      positive review Ryan discuss and broke down each of the carriers i asked about which was United Health Care,AARP,Humana and Simplicity. We compared each one and what each offered and price of each. I made my decision and we began the process. I asked him to re-explain a number of times and he did it very well to my understanding. He is very knowledgeable and explains very very well. I'm glad to have spoke with him and great to have him as my agent.

      Prince W. Avatar
      Prince W.
    • positive review they answer all your questions signedbarbarazantow

      Barbara Z. Avatar
      Barbara Z.

      positive review My agent made the whole process so much easier than I thought it would be. He was very patient and explained every step of the process as we went along and where he could he did it for me! I highly recommend Medicare Savings Solutions and especially Devon West for an agent!

      Sheila M. Avatar
      Sheila M.

      positive review Denise was very helpful and professional. I would recommend anybody to give her and her husband a call.

      Henry D. Avatar
      Henry D.

      Devon is amazing and efficient! I couldn't be happier and if I could give him 10 stars I definitely would

      Gary M. Avatar
      Gary M.
    • positive review Thank you so much for your help. My agent was very attentive and helpful. He answered all of my questions. He is the best in the west, the north, and the south. Thank you very much. - Gabe

      Lutu C. Avatar
      Lutu C.

      positive review Devon West was very helpful and was very polite. He helped me get set up and it was exactly what I was looking for. Devon West explained everything to me so I could make the right choices. Thank you Devon.

      Gary B. Avatar
      Gary B.

      positive review very knowledgable and listened to my questions and answered them honestly..thanks R.U.

      Ronald U. Avatar
      Ronald U.

      After moving out of Washington, Devon got us all set up with a new Medicare Advantage plan.He is very knowledgeable of the various plan details & options.

      Dave G. Avatar
      Dave G.
    • positive review Easy thorough, responsive, very comfortable with the process!

      Mary M. Avatar
      Mary M.

      positive review Good job answering my questions

      Bella V. Avatar
      Bella V.

      I want to thank Devon for the help in getting medical coverage after losing emplyee provided insurance. . He called us back within 1 day and is very knowledgeable. All questions were answered promptly and he is so easy to talk to.. I know we can count on him. Thank you, Devon.

      Jackie S. Avatar
      Jackie S.

      positive review I first saw Devon West, on his company's video, on YouTube, and his words answered the confusing questions I had in my own mind!
      During his free phone consultation, Devon spent a considerable amount of time thoroughly answering my questions, one of which was: how does he get paid for further work for me, and, in my case, he assured me that his services are paid for by my insurance company, and will cost me zero dollars.
      I feel VERY confident that Devon and his company, have my best interests in mind and I give him the highest possible recommendation, knowing that you, yourself, will feel the same way!
      Dennis S., I'm a senior
      with worries, now resolved!

      Dennis S. Avatar
      Dennis S.
    • positive review Not pushy. Just answers questions you have.

      Steven B. Avatar
      Steven B.

      Denise took care of the entire application process for me and made it so quick and easy. I am so glad to have had her help and would highly recommend Medicare Saving Solutions to anyone faced with researching medical insurance. Thank you Denise.

      Jill A. Avatar
      Jill A.

      positive review Very informative and friendly service at Medicare Saving Solutions by Ryan I was impressed and will refer them to any friends or family it becomes necessary for

      Mark P. Avatar
      Mark P.

      My agent Devin West was absolutely outstanding. His knowledge of Medicare options made it very easy for me. I would recommend to anyone that this is a good fit.

      Stanley R. Avatar
      Stanley R.
    • I appreciate the time and effort Devon spent with me in helping me to make a informed decision regarding the different plans available to me. He spent time with me to answer all my questions.

      Jim E. Avatar
      Jim E.

      Great service and simplified everything!

      Jonathan H. Avatar
      Jonathan H.

      positive review Devon was very helpful he answered all my questions
      he didn't give up when he was put on hold and when he said that he will get back with me with an answer he did ll would recommend him to my friends

      Joanne P. Avatar
      Joanne P.

      Great experience- Denise is knowledgeable and very responsive. Couldn’t be happier!

      Sylvia T. Avatar
      Sylvia T.
    • positive review Ryan was a wonderful representative for your company. He was a great resource!

      Candace D. Avatar
      Candace D.

      positive review He looked up things to give me the correct answer when he neded to.He was knowledgeable about his subject that he was dealing with. I'm glad that I got to talk to him to explain things about the
      Medicare that I needed to know.Thank-you Betty Moore

      Betty M. Avatar
      Betty M.

      I am so glad that I found Devon! I've recommended him to several people. He makes getting medicare insurance so much easier.

      Kathleen L. Avatar
      Kathleen L.
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