Medicare Saving Solutions

Medicare Saving Solutions is run by Devon West. Devon has been helping seniors with their Medicare options since 2007.


He kind of fell into the industry by accident and was given a chance at a young age to learn to help people on Medicare or going on Medicare.


Devon created Medicare Saving Solutions to help seniors make confident decisions on their Medicare health plans. There are too many people out there paying way too much for Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage coverage they could have for hundreds of dollars less per year. Devon educates people that are turning 65 on the ins and outs of Medicare, helps them choose a plan for their specific needs, and continues to be their agent year after year to make sure they are always taken care of!


If you or someone you know needs help just call 1-800-663-5707 or 1-888-477-7599  !

Devon West

Devon West

Independent agent and owner of Medicare Saving Solutions.

Devon's Family


Devon West and his family.