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Medicare Saving Solutions

Medicare Saving Solutions, spearheaded by Devon West, has been a trusted resource for seniors navigating their Medicare options since 2007.

Devon’s journey into this industry was serendipitous, but it ignited a passion for assisting seniors with their Medicare needs. Starting at a young age, he seized the opportunity to learn how to best support individuals on Medicare or those about to enroll.

The genesis of Medicare Saving Solutions arose from Devon’s desire to empower seniors in making informed choices regarding their Medicare health plans. Our mission is clear: to prevent seniors from overpaying for Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage coverage they can obtain for significantly less each year.

We pride in educating those approaching the age of 65 about the intricacies of Medicare. We help them select plans tailored to their unique requirements and remain a steadfast resource, ensuring their continued well-being year after year.

At Medicare Saving Solutions, our commitment to providing seniors with confidence and savings in their Medicare decisions remains unwavering.

If you or someone you know needs help just call 1-800-663-5707 or 1-888-477-7599  !

For Val Trca at our Spokane WA office, call 509-508-4665


devon west
Devon West

Independent agent and owner of Medicare Saving Solutions.

Denise Chan
Denise Chan

Denise Chan is a dedicated insurance agent with a focus on Medicare health insurance. Drawing from 12 years of experience, she honed her customer service skills at Bank of America, preparing her for the intricacies of Medicare insurance.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Denise enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her spouse, Devon West, and their two children, along with two spirited huskies.

What truly sets Denise apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients’ well-being. She goes the extra mile to ensure they receive top-notch service and support. With her expertise and genuine care, Denise is a trusted advocate in the world of Medicare health insurance.

Val Trca
Val Trca

Val Trca is a dedicated independent insurance broker, representing a wide variety of companies in order to provide the right fit for her clients. Val specializes in the senior market, with her primary focus being Medicare plans. She handles both individual and group medical insurance for the ‘under 65’ market as well, in addition to life insurance, long-term care, critical care, annuities, dental, and vision plans.

Val’s specialty is providing education and information to the senior market. She has the heart of a teacher, utilizing her skills to explain complexities at an understandable level with a ‘fun’ and positive spin. Her services are complimentary, and referrals are the core of her business.

Val graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Business and Communications and worked in management for the Principal Financial Group in Retirement and Investor Services for 23 years. She represented Sterling Health plans as a Field Sales Manager, gaining extensive experience in the Medicare field. Val is now living her dream of providing education and information to help others in their insurance decision-making.

Spokane Office – 8414 N. Wall St Suite C Spokane, WA 99022  – 509-508-4665